In a free market only the most efficient companies are able to maintain and expand their market position. Integrated IT aids corporate management in creating and implementing streamlining measures required to achieve an increase in productivity by providing a comprehensive view of all work processes in the enterprise. Entrepreneurs will operate with positive results only if they manage their company efficiently in the financial control cycle, leading it to produce positive corporate results. Growth throughout the economy is achieved if the sum of all the goods and monetary-related effects is positive. One must consider in this context that subsidized companies, unable to survive on the basis of their own earnings capacity, along with other nonproductive activities of the government, create negative effects in the cycle of the integrated economy. It is only the net balance between the total positive and negative effects that creates growth and increased prosperity among national economies. Progress is created on the basis of productivity-enhancing investments, which are the result of innovations that bring positive effects. These activities can be carried out only on the basis of a free-enterprise economy within a free culture.