A screenings trough will require a steep incline, usually greater than forty-five degrees, or a water sluicing system to insure that debris will not accumulate under the discharge point of the screen. The solution to a screenings problem requires a well-thought-out and integrated plan for efficient screenings handlings and reuse or disposal. The most simple and inexpensive conveying device is the belt conveyor. Screening solids removed from bar screening equipment at a wastewater treatment plant often contains fecal and other organic matter that readily decomposes. Screenings washers are most effective when used in conjunction with a screenings compactor. A drainage system insures that the liquid removed during conveying and compacting is channeled away from the solids and out of the unit. Some plants use grinders or macerators to grind and chop screenings into particle sizes of 1/4″ to 3/8″. Simple, single-station bagging units may consist of a bagging adapter fitted to the discharge end of the compacting device.