This chapter outlines the objectives encompassing the scope of the recommended practice (RP) and the benefits from the implementation of the Pipeline corrosion management (PCM) programme. It underlines necessary management commitment and competency requirements. Pipeline integrity is a key to maintaining operational success, safety and security and minimising harm to the environment. A 'live' PCM programme will act as an effective way to control the corrosion threats in pipelines. Development and implementation of a structured corrosion management programme will ensure continued and safe operations of pipelines. The implementation, use, and maintenance of a suitable PCM programme require adequate resources and management commitment. Corrosion management in general is an activity requiring the involvement of several disciplines. In the case of PCM, it is necessary that responsibilities and accountabilities of the different entities and personnel involved are clearly defined. The competency of personnel involved in corrosion management activities is of paramount importance to the success of PCM.