Individuals who work in microbiological laboratories face a number of special problems when they work with organisms that are infectious to humans. Each laboratory must have safety standards containing the basic requirements about which all employees must be made aware and provide documented training programs about the hazards associated with materials with which they work. A microbiological laboratory should be designed for the level of activity expected to be housed within. It is a major factor in the protection of employees and it must be designed properly to provide for safe working conditions. Microbiology laboratories also contain the safety risks associated with any laboratory and institutional environment; these include fire, electrical hazards, chemical hazards, hazardous environmental situations, and equipment malfunction. Biohazard control procedures should be established as follows: Biohazard tags and signs are posted in hazardous areas. Safety cabinets of the appropriate type and class are provided. Floors are wet-mopped weekly with a disinfectant solution.