This chapter deals with the linkages between and dynamics of, the different components of the Geoenvironment. The objective of understanding the dynamics of the geoenvironment is threefold: firstly, to quantify the regenerative capacity of a natural system so that we know what can be done and the limits beyond which the system will collapse; secondly, to monitor what is happening to the system, and thirdly, if the system has already been damaged, how to reverse the situation and ameliorate it. A natural cycle (be it a man, an animal or a tree) gets started, keeps going for some time, and gets terminated. Chemical and isotopic techniques are used to understand and quantify the dynamics of the processes of geoenvironment. Radiogenic isotopes (Pb isotopes) have been used by Patterson to trace the enhancement of lead in human environment with industrialisation. The movement of surface waters and groundwaters can generally be described in terms of advection, dispersion and diffusion.