Projektgruppe Altauto-Verwertung der Deutschen Automobilindustrie a project group for used car recycling in the German automotive industry, was originally established in February 1991 to deal with all materials in cars, which worked on the following topics: recycling of plastics; recycling of glass; and recycling and reutilization of elastomers and tires. The participating companies in the chemical industry, the automotive industry and the plastic recycling shops tried hard to investigate the conditions and possibilities and to check the properties of the materials. In 1989, the Forschungsvereinigung Automobiltechnik a group working on automotive technology, conducted research into the best way to design cars of the future in order to improve their recycling rate. The European automotive industry is working on recycling in the EUCAR thematic group. The main objective and aims of the EUCAR Recycling Group are the definition of basic requirements and the establishment of adequate research projects.