This chapter introduces the case studies in which the proposed methods have been tested. The cases are the Brue and Don River catchments in the UK, and the Bacchiglione River in Italy. In contrast, the Bacchiglione River catchment has an area of about four times the Brue catchment, and has a moderate observation network, standard for operational purposes in the catchments of the region. The Bacchiglione River is located in north Italy, in the Veneto region. This river can be considered as the tributary of a big and complex drainage network which covers a large part of the Vicenza area. In the case of the Bacchiglione River catchment it was decided to explore the high precipitation events. Brue catchment is located in Somerset, South West of England with predominantly rural use and modest slope. The Don River catchment is located in England, in the South Yorkshire and Derbyshire counties.