This chapter examines modular transport systems for electrical energy and fuels. Due to the expansion of distributed energy for renewable resources, the use of modular and expandable microgrids is rapidly increasing. The chapter examines modular microgrids in great detail. The extended use of microgrids has led to the concept of microenergy internet. The chapter evaluates perspectives on this internet. The chapter also examines modular nanogrids which are used for smaller systems like individual building or a piece of equipment. Finally, the chapter also evaluates modular open energy system (OES) and the use of OES as multi-level DC grid system. As regards to fuels, the chapter examines various types of modular transport of biomass including low-cost transport and storage of herbaceous biomass and innovative modular timber transport project in Sweden. The chapter also examines modular fuel transport systems including ISO tank rack design and canisters for nuclear spent fuel. For transport of natural gas, the chapter examines modular systems for natural gas transport; CNG transport that includes Coselle technology, VOTRANS technology, CRPV technology, and PNG technology; LNG transport that includes tankers, tankers with integrated tanks, self-supporting tanks, LNG ISO containers, LNG transport trailers; and transport of NGH with GTS technology. Finally, the chapter examines modular hydrogen transport by tube trailers and liquid hydrogen trailers.