Most micron diamonds are produced by breaking larger diamond grains of poor quality. There are various ways to pulverize diamond, each with its range of size applicability. The breaking of diamond can be accomplished by stamping, compression, impact, shear, and attrition. Stamping and compression may be suitable for objects much larger than diamond. Ball milling may be effective to reduce the size of diamond, but the broken diamonds are irregular in shape. The sharp corners may be chipped off by using a jet mill that force two streams of micron diamonds to collide each other. Jet milling may not be suitable to reduce diamond in size, but it is effective to smooth the surface by removing weak protrusions. Mixing upgraded diamond fines with deionized water to form a homogeneous suspension of diamond fines. After jet milling, the chipped diamond is mixed in with much debris and impurities derived from the interior of the milling machine.