The general meaning of sustainable development is “the creation and proper administration of a sound environment dependent on principles of resource efficacy and ecology.” Sustainable structures focus on diminishing their effect on our condition through productive utilization of resources and energy. “Sustainable building” by and large characterized as building practices, which comprehensively searches forward for fundamental quality. The idea and thought of Sustainable Architecture/Development are particularly relevant in two ecological viewpoints. These include environmental and ecological emergency and disasters which are unavoidable and their prompt administration. Carbon dioxide is a harmful ozone harming substance. Carbon trading means exchanging of authentications that represent different manners by which carbon-related emanations decrease targets may be met. Life cycle assessment is a technique which is generally used to quantify the different natural effects that are related with every phase of an item’s life beginning from raw material extraction through materials preparing, produce, distribution, use, fix and upkeep, and transfer or reusing.