Since the primes create the integers, when a few geometric shapes arrange to create an astronomically large number of structures of the universe, that could be viewed as an effort to create infinite series of integers from a few primes. Geometric algebra accounts of the efforts are made to link integers using a geometric shape. The algebra for a fixed imaginary number already exists: for example, quaternion with three imaginary worlds, octonion with seven imaginary worlds, which were related to Clifford algebra and Lie algebra. Grossman’s adventure with geometry hidden in tensors provided Einstein’s dream on relativity a mathematical ground, and it inspired many to conceive a geometric universe. Indian raga is a geometric mathematical seed, which has specific notes when steps are taken in direction of increasing frequency and then in direction of decreasing frequency. Geometric shape canals the energy transfer, forming a chain of vibrations; one can see an entire assembly as a 3D collage of geometric shapes.