Spontaneous energy quantization in a helical path is very interesting for several reasons. As per the theory goes, the quantized energy depends purely on a particular geometrical parameter. Spontaneous polarization of incident light is essential for the biological operation of the fourth-circuit element, Hinductor. The biological structures sense a phase connected time crystal network better than conventional sensors. A sensor absorbs the existence of a signal burst. A time crystal consists of phase, frequency and delay, however, the nature of locking could vary. The mathematical formulation for the individual locking process is similar, here we demonstrate the exponential speedup for phase locking. Sinusoidal, exponential or logarithmic functions are encoded using closed patterns of very small sizes, for example, completely packed smaller circles grow exponentially, and if outside regions of large circles are closed they collapse exponentially. There are domains of absolutely dark regions, where both the signals, the perturbation and the original turn silent, namely a phase singularity.