This chapter discusses the articulation of several concepts and analysis methods related to task, activity, performance, workload, timeline, and other human-centered design approaches. For a long time, activity analysis is an asset of the French-speaking association for ergonomics. Storytelling is provided by experts. Tangibility comes from incremental Human-In-The-Loop Simulation of implemented stories of the future. From a Human–Systems Integration perspective, tangibility may not be visualized and explained in the same way all the time. For example, an aircraft manufacturer that is designing and developing a new airplane will show various kinds of personnel’s advantages to an airline. Finding the right mix of activity analysis, creativity, storytelling, and tangibility is more an art than a technique. Potential users should be solicited to express their thoughts and emotions into the timeline in order to create a believable story or a narrative, which should be incrementally made crisper and polished.