In this chapter, the coverage of electrical design drawings, and the application of National Electrical Code (NEC®) in the associated design work, is not intended to provide the reader expert-level knowledge that is required and expected of practicing professional electrical engineers or electrical power system designers. The purpose of this chapter is to merely introduce the reader to electrical power distribution drawings, controls drawings, and associated best practices and standards.

The readers will find this chapter helpful in equipping them with enough knowledge to be able to stay abreast of discussion and conversation when those electrical and controls drawings are spread across the table in the process of troubleshooting and reinstating a vital piece of electrical equipment. In addition, through a brief introduction to Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) relay ladder logic, the reader is introduced to the programming technique utilized by most control engineers to control electrical and mechanical systems with PLC-based control systems. Of course, as with other topics in this book, the concepts and practices are illustrated through examples, end-of-chapter problems, and the solutions at the back of the text.