This chapter explores power distribution equipment through the review of motor control center (MCC), disconnect switches, loop switches, motor starters, breakers, power switchgear, variable frequency drives (VFD), etc. Electrical codes such as National Electrical Code (NEC) and National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) 70E, in most cases, prohibit electrical power switches to be operated or maintained by “unqualified” and untrained personnel. One could bear credentials of a licensed professional engineer or a master electrician and may still not be a “qualified” person according to the codes. Even the “qualified” personnel are required to don personal protective equipment (PPE), as prescribed by the codes, before they can perform certain switching and open electrical switchgear to inspect the inner components while the equipment is energized. This chapter enables the reader to examine the anatomy of electrical switchgear and many other pieces of electrical equipment through pictures and diagrams, These pictures, in conjunction with the narration in this chapter, give the reader a “hands-on” feel of common electrical and electronic equipment and lift the veil of enigma behind those non-descript equipment panel doors. Of course, as with the rest of this text, the reader will have an opportunity to test their knowledge through self-assessment problems at the end of this chapter.