The purpose of the discussion on NEC®, National Electrical Code, in this chapter is simply to introduce the reader to the code and not much more. The coverage of the NEC® in this chapter is not intended to provide the reader intermediate-, advanced-, or expert-level knowledge that is required and expected of an NEC®-trained and practicing electrical Professional Engineer, specializing in power system design. Notwithstanding the foregoing clarification regarding the limited depth of NEC® knowledge provided in this chapter, the reader will find that this introductory chapter on NEC® and electrical safety allows them to appreciate the complexity and depth of the NEC®. And, most of all, if the readers find themselves leading a group of electrical engineers and electricians in a “2:00 AM triage situation,” trying to troubleshoot and reinstate an important piece of electrical equipment back into operation, the knowledge and familiarity they will gain in this chapter should prepare them better to comprehend the code-related jargon used by electrical engineers and electrical technicians in such circumstances.