The majority of RC component (Battery, ESC, BLDC Motor and Propeller) manufacturers do not state accurate empirical performance measurements for these vital parts. Those that do sometimes state inaccurate and/or inflated values, presumably to drive sales and to fool the unsuspecting consumer. It is therefore vital for the user to seek corroboration of data online and/or conduct their own static thrust tests, before specifying and purchasing a complete system solution. A rare exception to this situation is the data provided by the US-based propeller manufacturer Advanced Precision Composites who provide computerised performance data on their full range of 493 propellers used in both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft. The majority of this design guide is focused towards the optimum design of an all-electric multi-rotor configuration. In terms of payload capacity, most small multi-rotors are designed to carry a small payload of about 0.5–1 kg.