If more than one set of authors is cited, they are to be cited in the following order: nominal author(s) of the preexisting or new name; author(s) of the original definition; author(s) of an emended definition. If the nominal authors of a replacement name are cited, the definitional authors of the replacement name must also be cited. The full citation of the replacement name would be Imaginarius Clarke. If, instead, Clarke had converted the replacement name from the preexisting name Fabricatus Merriam, the full citation of the replacement name would be Fabricatus Merriam. Bibliographic references to the protologue of established names are available in the registration database and may be accessed by either clade name or registration number. However, only the registration number is reliably unique. Therefore, in cases of potential ambiguity, the registration number should be cited at least once in any publication in which the corresponding name is used.