Business Process Modeling and Notation (BPMN version 1.0) was proposed in May 2004 and adopted by the Object Management Group for ratification in February 2006. BPMN standardizes the notation used by business experts on the one hand and information technology specialists on the other, thus finally bridging the gap between them. Process diagrams, also called business process diagrams, are at the core of BPMN modeling. The swim lane is a placeholder for BPMN flow constructs, such as the activities, gateways, and events. The swim lane is a means to assign responsibility for certain tasks to a given organizational unit; whatever is placed inside a swim lane is assumed to happen within the context of that organizational unit. In general, BPMN is suitable to capture sequential relations between activities, whereby the completion of an activity enables commencement of other activities. It is shown how a spreadsheet-based model can be transformed from and into BPMN.