This chapter outlines roughly the structures of animal and human societies as metabolic forms. The essential regulation constraint on an animal is feeding, which alone allows it to replace its loss of chemical energy and to restock its reserves. The profound motivation of sexuality is probably not the exchange of genetic material, as is usually supposed, but rather the smoothing of the reproduction catastrophe. One factor having an important role in stabilization of the animal ego is play. The projectile chreod is known throughout the animal kingdom; it consists of throwing an object in order to hurt an enemy. Every natural process decomposes into structurally stable islands, the chreods. The set of chreods and the multidimensional syntax controlling their positions constitute the semantic model. Military societies with many or even with no chiefs are possible, but then the social body must be at least a three-dimensional manifold in order to admit a structurally stable ergodic field without singularity.