This chapter presents the benefits and barriers to constructability. Construction Industry Institute has classified barriers to constructability into various categories such as general barrier, owner barrier, designer barrier, and contractor barrier. Barrier to constructability is that impediment that stops effective implementation of constructability program. J. T. O' Connor and S. J. Miller assessed the barriers through in-depth interviews of representatives from 62 companies which claimed to have been using constructability programs. Many researchers have tried to explore the level of awareness about the constructability, among the key role players of the construction industry. They identified the most problematic barriers to effective constructability improvement. Some of them are: complacency with status quo; reluctance to invest additional money and effort in early project stages, limitations of lump-sum competitive contracting, lack of construction experience in design organizations, etc. The importance of the concept of constructability is realized and practiced well in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and South Africa.