To select a suitable coating system, it is necessary to determine the environ-

mental conditions around the structure to be painted. If the coating is to be

applied to an exterior surface, are there nearby chemical plants, pulp and

paper mills, or heavy industries that might provide airborne pollutants? Is

the objective of the coating to provide an aesthetic appearance or to provide

maximum corrosion protection that will limit the colors to the normal grays,

whites, and pastels of the most corrosion resistant coatings? Will the surface

be predominantly wet (salt or freshwater) or exposed to a chemical cont-

aminant (acid or alkaline)? Is the environment predominantly a weathering

environment subject to heat, cold, daily or seasonal temperature changes,

precipitation, wind (flexing), exposure to sunlight, or detrimental solar rays?

Will the surface be exposed to occasional spells of a corrosive or solvent?After

the environmental conditions of the area have been defined, a suitable resi-

stant coating canbe selected. Characteristics, corrosion resistance, limitations,

and uses of the common generic types of coatings will be discussed.