Most of the 441 nuclear plants connected to a grid globally have passed half of their life. In October 2017 Greenpeace handed to the French government a detailed report about the risk of terrorist attack on the country’s nuclear park. The effluents emitted from the operating nuclear power plants are responsible for leukaemia and thyroid cancers. The nuclear age was declared in 1960 when the first GW of atomic power had been installed. The possible involvement of a Chinese nuclear company was expected but did not materialise so far. The Chinese government appears reluctant to go further on nuclear for their high cost and long construction times. Building new nuclear power plants turns out to be a nightmare, too. It is more than a curiosity that several tonnes of plutonium is in the air from the weapons testing in the 1950s and 1960s. The pollution arising from the nuclear power business is all too often swept under the carpet.