This chapter deals with video processing and contains theoretical discussions and MATLAB coding examples, including Basic MATLAB functions and Computer Vision System Toolbox functions, related to the following topics: reading and writing video files, display and playback of a subset of video frames, creating a movie from a collection of images, creating a 4-D structure for storing video frames, converting images to video frames and vice versa, inserting text at specific locations of video frames, selectively playing frames at specified frame rates, converting video frames from color to grayscale and binary versions, applying image filters to video frames, conversion from RGB to YCbCr color space and vice versa, conversion from RGB to National Television Systems Committee color space and vice versa, conversion from RGB to Phase Alternation Lines color space and vice versa, blob detector, foreground detector, people detector, face detector, optical character recognition, histogram based tracker, optical flow, point tracker, Kalman filter, block matcher, and development of Simulink models for video processing tasks.