Bamboo shoots in particular possess all of the properties that signify a superfood-nutrients including vitamins and minerals, phytochemicals with anti-oxidant properties and fiber. The highest level of silica content is reported in oat bran (23.36 mg/100 g) or fruits like dried dates (16.61 mg/100 g), whereas in bamboo shoot the silica content ranges from 70 to 170 mg/100 g of fresh weight. The average intake of silica is around 20-25 mg/day and just 50 to 100 g of bamboo shoots per day are sufficient to provide the required amount of silica. The main anti-oxidants in bamboo shoots are phenols, vitamin C and E and mineral elements including selenium, copper, zinc, iron and manganese which have anti-oxidative, anti-cancer, anti-hypertensive and anti-bacterial properties. Bamboo shoots contain very few calories, about 27 Kcal in 100 g, which is also one of the important reasons why they are considered to be a superfood.