The data reported in this book were collected using a Seiko SSC 5200 TG/DTA thermal analysis apparatus. The schematic of the instrument is shown in Figure 4.1. This apparatus has two horizontal balance arms containing thermocouples to support the pans and the sample. The close contact of thermocouples with the sample allows for very accurate measurement of the sample temperature (within 3°C), with negligible deviation over the entire heating range of the furnace. The two balance arms permit taking simultaneous TG/DTA data on the same sample and minimizes the errors in analysis caused by the sample heterogeneity. One balance arm is used to support the reference inert material and the other arm supports the sample under study. The relative weight change between the two sample pans as a function of temperature at a given heating rate give data for thermogravimetric analysis and the change in energy requirements as the reaction progresses is measured in terms of micro volts to provide data for differential thermal analysis.