SAS® software provides a powerful environment for selecting probability samples and analyzing survey data. The survey selection and analysis procedures will perform almost any analysis you would want to do with survey data, and most analyses can be done using only a few lines of code.

This chapter provides a brief tutorial for getting started with SAS software. It shows how to obtain access to a cloud-based version of the software that is free for students and independent learners, and introduces the program editor, log, and results viewer windows. Two of the early tasks faced by any analyst are importing data sets and exporting results from calculations. The chapter illustrates several methods for reading data from text or comma-delimited files, spreadsheets, and SAS data files, and shows how to save output and graphics in a form that can be inserted into documents.

The remaining chapters show, through examples, how to use procedures in SAS software to select probability samples and to analyze and graph complex survey data.