Plants in which shellfish are shucked and packed or repacked should be located so that they will not be subject to flooding by high tides. If plant floors become flooded, processing shall be discontinued until after waters have receded and the building is adequately cleaned and sanitized. The grounds about a plant in which shellfish are processed shall be free from conditions which may result in contamination of the shellfish at any time during processing and storage. Buildings and structures shall be suitable in size, construction, and design to facilitate proper maintenance and operation. Protection against cross-contamination of shucked products shall be provided by conducting shucking and packing operations in separate locations or in separate rooms. A shucked-stock delivery window shall be used where necessary to provide protection. Packing rooms shall be of sufficient size to permit sanitary handling of the product and thorough cleaning of the equipment. Separate storage facilities shall be provided for storing employee’s street clothing, aprons, and personal articles.