The ears and hearing structures are highly specialized components of the auditory system, which allows communication, speech recognition, and language acquisition. The external ear transmits sound waves to the middle and inner ear, then transmits signals to higher centers in the brain for interpretation and understanding. Hearing allows people to experience the world through sound waves. There is increasing concern that the widespread use of mobile phones may contribute to environmental pollution, in addition to air and noise pollution, and have adverse effects on human health and the hearing system in particular. Although environmental pollution is a risk factor for numerous illnesses, its effect on hearing disorders has not been widely studied. The ears and hearing system are particularly vulnerable to overexposure to intense sound, and radiofrequency electromagnetic field radiation (RF-EMFR) generated from mobile phones and other electronic devices. Studies in humans and animals have demonstrated environmental pollution, exposure to loud noise, and RF-EMFR pollution as risk factors for sensorineural hearing loss and hearing impairment.