This chapter provides an introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and discusses how an increasingly smart AI technology is already embedded into society. It explains at a high-level what AI currently is and the growth of ‘narrow-AI,’ designed to perform singular tasks using machine learning to improve its performance. Examples of current usages are provided, including sectors people may think are unlikely such as agriculture. Dangers of misusing AI are highlighted before moving on to explain AGI – Artificial General Intelligence – which is far more powerful than narrow-AI. The chapter then focuses on the Singularity (when AI intelligence surpasses humanity) and when it is likely to happen. Positive and negative viewpoints from Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Demis Hasabis are explored. The chapter also includes a copy of an Open Letter on AI from eminent scientists and technologists. There is an acceptance that the Singularity will happen at some point and that humanity needs to plan for it.