It is discussed how impedance and surge impedance relate to reactive power. A variety of overhead wires, cables, and power transformers are required to indicate the size of the need. The voltage of the system is examined in conjunction with the reactive power. It is said that excitation control influences reactive power. The link between voltage control and power transfer is described. An automatic voltage regulator’s steady-state and dynamic response for alternator voltage control is investigated. The effects of stability compensation and stabilizing transformers are investigated. The reactive power is generated by turbo generator, synchronous compensators, reactors, capacitors, tap-changing transformers, and the tap-staggering technique. The effect of voltage control on short-circuit capacity is covered. A transmission line’s loading capability is addressed. The topics of load adjustment and Static VAR Compensators (SVCs) are described. The SVC Configurations are described. The effect of shunt compensation is described.