This chapter explains recent trends in Next-Generation Internet of Things (NGIoT) technologies and finds out more about the modern sensors driving this technology as building blocks for new generations of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. At the beginning of the era, technologies were limited to specific sensors since, despite their great utility and their Internet connectivity between devices, the information provided from the environment did not have intelligent capabilities or information processing intelligent results. However, the advancement in IoT technology has placed it as a hub in connectivity technology that will reach all parts of the world. The indisputable and preferable use of IoT technologies has been promoted at great speed and great, while other technological areas, such as artificial intelligence, among other concepts, advance due to their multiple advantages. Therefore, this chapter will provide us with more information on understanding the underlying concepts and technologies to further our understanding of NGIoT and its relationship to sensors and advancements, from the basic use of IoT to NGIoT and its relationship with the evolution of sensors.