Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future; it is an emerging and very powerful technology that has a significant impact in numerous fields. With the rapid development in science and technology, it directly relates to upgrading those relevant domains touching our lifestyle by giving a business goal or commercial purpose to the legacy technology and upgrades to next-gen technology. Computer networks are also one very critical part of our lifestyle that is touched by technological developments and keeps itself growing day by day. AI, being the technology which is seemingly a great cash cow, has created its own space and is undoubtedly a new touchpoint to the boundaries of computer networks. Many organizations are expending a lot for leveraging AI to simplify the complex jobs in the day-to-day activities in their respective domains. At the same time, the use of AI in networking technology has exerted profound influence in many other areas. It is worth mentioning that AI has a very significant impact on futuristic networking. The conjunction of AI with computer networks will be a good composition to offer a predictive, dynamic, self-diagnostic, adaptable, and auto-healing network. It is something that will boost the automation in networking and supposedly lessen the dependence on manual methods for control, operations, and maintenance of computer networks.