This is the second book in the trilogy, Ethical Digital Technology. The first book, The Evolving Landscape of Ethical Digital Technology provided an academic analysis of the subject. This second book, Ethical Digital Technology in Practice takes a practical perspective. It is an account of the computer revolution from 1995 to the current day when the world is increasingly dependent on digital technology. It explores some of the social and ethical issues that are part of this revolution. This is not a book about deep philosophical and technical concepts. Nor does it claim to be comprehensive. It is a personal account of technological change and its effects on people. The magazine column “ETHIcol,” written by the author from 1995 to 2012, is the foundation of this book. Additional materials, mainly between 2012 and 2021, are from occasional articles in other practitioner-oriented magazines as well as blogs and opinion pieces posted on websites. Wherever possible, published articles retain their original journalistic form to provide authenticity in terms of terminology, subject matter, perception and opinion at the time of publication. As such, this book reflects the evolving digital technological revolution and its impact on the world and across society.