In this chapter the emphasis is on holistic issues. A range of practical challenges are included which will encourage the reader to reflect on how best to practise in a societally acceptable manner. For example, an article written in 1997 still has resonance and illustrates this point. The eminent physicist Ursula Franklin posed a series of questions about the efficacy of digital technology, asking does the technology (a) promote social and economic justice; (b) restore reciprocity or consolidate power in the hands of a minority; (c) confer benefits which can be divided among many or monopolised by the few; (d) favour people over machines; maximise economic conservation or waste; and (e) favour the reversible over the irreversible so that undesirable impacts can be removed? A digital technology strategy developed from this starting point might look very different from that derived from the usual profit driven basis. The current Facebook revelations, if proven, are testimony to this.