There are many ways to generate electrical energy, all of which have some impact on the environment. The two methods of generation are by propelling a turbine or by converting the Sun's energy via photo-electric cells. Turbine propulsion is achieved through super-heated steam or rapidly expanding gas, produced by burning fossil fuels or biomass (wood pellets etc.), or by nuclear fission. The purpose of the grid system is to maintain a secure supply of electricity at a standard voltage and frequency to consumers throughout the country. Recent advances in technology e.g. renewable energy, EV charging, smart meters, battery storage etc. have resulted in proposals to enable individuals, communities and industries who produce and use their own energy to import, export and store electrical energy depending on demand. This will create a more cost effective, efficient and demand-led system. There are various types of micro-renewable energy: heat-producing, electricity-producing, co-generation and water conservation.