In the tenth chapter, the organizational and technical conditions underlying the functioning of port container terminals are presented, starting with the identification of model solutions applied in the field of operating port container terminals (horizontal, vertical, neutral to the climate and multimodal structures—maritime and inland waterway transport-a concept of a IPSI [Improved Port/Ship Interface] terminal). Considering dynamic changes observed in shipping processes, such as the container vessel size maximization, it is important to indicate the influence of these changes on operations performed at terminals, which involve container handling (new concepts of handling mega-container ships at terminals). The optimization potential in the operation of maritime container terminals is characterized by the capabilities of terminal infrastructure and suprastructure so that they are directly translated into the quality and range of cargo handling services offered by port container terminals (container stuffing and stripping, stowing containers on board and providing access to the operational system of a terminal for cargo consigners and consignees).