In the context of optimization processes that have been taking place in maritime transport of containerized cargo, the managerial aspect is also highly significant, and it is discussed in the eleventh chapter. The chapter provides identification of implemented information and IT (telematics) solutions in the containerization processes in maritime transport. Furthermore, the essence of tasks performed by telematics systems in the management of containerization processes is indicated, and monitoring systems of container loading units in maritime transport (of the ECTS class—Electronic Container Tracking Service) are discussed along with the loading systems applied in maritime transport of containerized cargo (of the vessel planning class). The chapter also presents terminal systems dedicated to maritime transport of containerized cargo (of the TOS class—Terminal Operation System) and access systems dedicated to cargo consigners and consignees, which allow them to access terminal operation systems and which actually reach the key point of process pragmatics (an access system for forwarders, a notification system, OCR). It concludes the considerations of Part 3 dedicated to managerial and operational challenges to maritime containerized transport, with emphasis on entire spectrum of aspects related to optimization through implementation of best managerial processes and IT (telematics) solutions/tools.