12As a follow-up to the previous Introduction to the Clinical Pathology Lab, this lab introduces students to laboratory safety concerns as they pertain not only to laboratory activities but also the handling of animals during sample collection and the potential for zoonotic transmission. Veterinary technicians are not only at risk for accidental injuries such as punctures from medical sharps but also injury and zoonotic disease transmission due to contact with biological specimens as well as animal bites and scratches, or slips and falls sustained during collection. Students will learn precautionary measures that can be taken to prevent such occurrences from happening.

This lab addresses the following Veterinary Technician Student Essential and Recommended Skills List as set forth by AVMA-CVTEA in Appendix I, Section 1 – Office and Hospital Procedures, Client Relations and Communications.

Maintain appropriate disposal protocol for hazardous materials.

Establish and maintain appropriate sanitation and infection control protocols for a veterinary facility including patient and lab areas.

Appendix I, Section 6 – Laboratory Procedures.

Understand how to ensure safety of patients, clients and staff.