In informatics and engineering, protocol means the set of rules that makes possible the execution of a program efficiently and without errors, or the exchange of information between servers of a computer network, for sending information. Nowadays, protocols in evidence are those associated with the Internet, the worldwide network that connects most of Earth’s population. In December 1989, a Vax6330 and an mVax3600 were purchased for Fapesp, with financial support from the department of science and technology of the state, leaving the mVax3600 exclusively for network management. Computer networks use layered architectures, to organize the project and minimize its complexity. Each layer represents a logical entity that performs certain functions. The layers switch information through primitives, i.e., simple commands that define operations simple. The international standards organization developed a reference model for comparing of different architectures and construction of new networks. This model is called the open systems reference model for interconnection.