MATrix Laboratory (MATLAB) is helpful to solve complicated problems. All major functions can directly be used as the input. In the Command Window, MATLAB can be used interactively. The Command Window is used to enter several variables, evaluate MATLAB commands, and run M-files or functions. It means that MATLAB command or expression can be entered, and MATLAB immediately responds with the result. In MATLAB, the programmer uses the equal sign to assign values to a variable. MATLAB uses floating-point arithmetic for its calculations. Using the Symbolic Math Toolbox, programmer can also do exact arithmetic with symbolic expressions. User-defined function is a collection of sequential statements that accepts an input argument from the user and provides output to the program. MuPAD opens a new blank MuPAD notebook and returns an object representing the notebook. MuPAD notebook is an easy to use environment for performing computations symbolically using the MuPAD language and documenting the results.