It is the way of life that people return again and again to the same themes, same needs, the same joys, and the same pains. Harmal comes back again and again too. Year after year, season after season, seeds fall from the capsules of the dying plant to the parched ground below, and soon they will capture moisture through the winter, and in the earliest spring send out shoots. Harmal is, as a famous ethnobotanist once explained, to be treated and used like any other herb. Part of the concordance between rimon and harmal is the homology of the physical forms of the two fruits. Each contains, inside a fixed space it defines, a multitude of seeds densely packed with an infinitude of complexity. Modulation is a popular term in biology, but at first glance it may seem simply synonymous with inhibition. This is only partially true as modulation goes beyond mere inhibition to suggest infinite, analogic adaptation and adjustment.