Entheogenesis may be both literally and liberally defined as "the creation, or invocation, of the deity, or Deity, within". It is a very ancient quest, and in one way or another, the basis of shamanism, animism, healing, and likely, according to numerous theoretical and scientific works, at the core of religion itself. The anxiety of humankind may be founded in awareness of the impending demise of its individual members, who may likely lack the wherewithal to weather it. Ayahuasca is consumed in the modern world for entheogenic purposes, for example as a sacrament during religious services, which themselves likely emerged through appreciation of its sacrament. Aside from intriguing reports from Schenberg, most of the reported putative medical benefits of ayahuasca are in the realm of psychiatry. Ayahuasca enhances creative divergent thinking while decreasing conventional convergent thinking, increases mindfulness-related capacities, and treats addictions.