Aqueous extract of the seeds is said to enable blood purification, while a mixture of the ground seeds with flax seeds and honey purportedly benefits dyspnea. Aqueous decoction has been utilized for numbness, liver, and lung diseases. The poultice from the seeds is applied externally against paralysis, numbness, joint pain, coxalgia, and back pain. Neurosensorial symptoms, visual hallucination, slight elevation of body temperature, cardiovascular disorder, ataxia, diffuse tremors, psychomotor agitation, and headache may all occur, while high doses may lead to liver degeneration, paralysis, spongiform alterations in the central nervous system, euphoria, hypothermia, convulsions, and bradycardia, which are suggested to derive largely from the known monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibition property of harmal. External uses of harmal are also not, and should not be neglected. Peganum Oil is a feature of traditional Iranian pharmacy prepared according to traditional methods. Recently, a clinical trial was conducted with this oil against an olive oil placebo.