This chapter presents a case of a 29-year-old white Jewish male who approached ESL in August 2012 seeking herbal therapy for his malignant brain tumor of two years. He had a total tonic-clonic seizure, the first of his life, and after an MRI was told he had a "golf-ball sized" right occipito-parietal lobe brain tumor and was scheduled for consultation with the country's leading neurosurgeon. The doctor told the patient that he had two alternatives: (1) do nothing specific, just take antiseizure medication for the rest of his life, or (2) have it removed surgically. The chapter also presents a second case of a married youthful grandmother of 53 years who presented herself to the physician about 14 months ago, also to receive herbal therapy. Her troubles had begun to present in 2005 when she suffered from persistent lower abdominal pains. To accelerate treatment, it was decided to employ a loading dose of the Midnight mixture.