Modulation is a deliberate and systematic modification by the message signal of some attributes of the carrier signal such as amplitude, phase or frequency. Several modulation techniques can be used. The carrier signal can be continuous sine wave or pulsed and the modulation can be periodic, pulsed, or random. Demodulation of Double Sideband (DSB) Suppressed Carrier signals at the receiver side is very complex since phase reversal can occur when the message signal changes sign from positive to negative or vice versa. The primary distinguishing characteristic of the DSB-Large Carrier amplitude modulation is that the envelope of the modulated signal carrier is identical to the modulating signal. The carrier signal can be modulated in amplitude, phase or frequency. The chapter discusses four types of amplitude modulation techniques. They are: Amplitude Modulation Suppressed Carrier, Amplitude Modulation Large Carrier, Single Side Band amplitude modulation, and Frequency modulation.