This chapter discusses grounding strip, back panel, full enclosures, connection of cable shields, connection of nonelectrical conductors, connection of cable trays, use of ferrite, multipoint grounding of cables, buried shield wires, filters and overvoltage protection. When passing from one zone to another, a barrier needs to be in place such that the constraints on conducted disturbances are met in both zones. Analogous to the cable trays the best protection is found close to the back panel and in particular in the corners, assuming that the panels are connected over their full length. When mounting connectors in the enclosure wall is a viable option, the use of dedicated shielded versions should be considered. The grounding rail must at least have a solid galvanic connection to the cabinet at both ends. When many cable feed throughs are required it might be more cost efficient to accept slightly lower performance at improved speed of installation offered by multi-cable transits (MCTs).