Silver plating has many different uses in an industrial setting. It can be used as an engineering coating owing to its superior conductivity and corrosion resistance. Silver plating is considered to be one of the most highly conductive plated surfaces. It is widely applied to copper conductors of any kind, including wires. For electronic components, such as connectors, various types of tin plating are used. Tin plating could be applied with or without underplating. Tin plating thickness depends on which base metal tin is going to be deposited. There are some special applications of nickel plating, such as for the aluminum used for electrical products such as wires, cables, or terminal connectors. Electroless plating is a process for chemically applying metallic deposits onto substrates using an autocatalytic immersion process without the use of electrical current. Zinc plating is a common sacrificial coating used in finishing steel parts to provide protection of iron from corrosion.