This summary presents some concepts covered in the preceding chapters of the book. The book describes in more detail the principles of microwave diagnostics of ocean environments. It explores the potential capabilities of passive microwave techniques for the detection of complex hydrodynamic processes and events. The book briefly explains how to make the impossible possible and simultaneously, it reveals numerous scientific advances in passive microwave remote sensing of the ocean. Geophysical interpretation involves regression estimation methods and multivariable techniques, depending on a given level of data representativeness. The entire high-resolution passive microwave portrait of the ocean surface looks complicated for quick analysis. A possible cause is unpredictable intermittent noise associated with environmental variability. The book considers another impressive digital technique based on the fusion of ocean multiband microwave data. The main concern is the performance and optimization of high-resolution microwave measurements, utilization, specification, and assessment of the collected databases and signatures, as well as their thematic physics-based analyses.