Several types of needle therapy are used in the treatment of patients with chemical sensitivity and chronic degenerative disease who are hypersensitive, to help restore the dynamics of homeostasis. The intra- and extracellular principle used in treating the homeostatic disturbances of chemically sensitive patients and patients with chronic degenerative disease is that the human physiology and matrix autonomy is geared toward homeostasis and allostasis intact. Avoidance of pollutants and potential noxious stimuli in air, food, and water is the most important therapy for patients with chemical and electrical sensitivity or chronic degenerative disease. Manipulation of the ground regulation system is of paramount importance to achieve, obtain, and maintain wellness in chemically and electrically sensitive patients and patients with episodic chronic degenerative disease. With chronic pollutant overload, there eventually develops a disassociation of the normal integrated function of the ground regulation system with the immune system.